English – Spanish translations

Three possible languages for translations:

English - Spanish - Catalan

Specialized in literary translation.

Literature is my passion. Since I was little I have been unable to live without reading or writing. I have always been interested in the translation of literary pieces, although a good translator should go unnoticed. I am currently taking a specialization course on this subject. I offer the possibility of translating English to Spanish or Catalan or Spanish – Catalan – Spanish combination.

Specialized in business translation.

My experience in Business English teaching has offered me a wide knowledge related to the world of business: from back-office, management or hr to sales, marketing or client support. English - Spanish translations. Also English - Catalan translations or any other possibility among these three languages.

Specialized in translation related to tourism.

As a consequence of having created and managed my own income travel agency I have been trained in everything related to the touristic sector, from copywriting, marketing campaigns, catalogue creation or related to suppliers and clients. I also have experience in software in the field of tourism. Possible translations: English – Spanish – English, English – Catalan – English, Catalan – Spanish – Catalan.

Specialized in translation related to education.

After so many years working as a teacher, as well as a personal interest in the field of education and upbringing and some language work in the sector, I possess a good knowledge about the topics related to education: educational models, nurturing, pedagogical practices, current trends, spaces, resources, etc.

Translation is an art. It does not consist in translating word by word but in looking for the words which suit better, both culturally and linguistically, to provide the reader with an easy and natural experience, as if the text would have been written for them.

I also have a network of collaborators providing other languages. If you have a multilingual project, you can contact me to talk about availability and fees. In that case, please fill in the following form.

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