Cursos i seminaris

I offer all kinds of tailored Spanish and Catalan courses as well as English courses and seminars related to the languages and teaching world. Please have a look at some courses that I have offered. If you have other ideas, contact me, too.

General English Courses.

We work both grammar and vocabulary of several subjects, always focusing on the practice of the language. The main aim is to learn to communicate and to find the linguistic immersion in our daily life in order to practise what we learn during the class.

Business English courses.

We work with the same parameters as in the General English Courses but in this case the topics are related to business: hr, marketing, outsourcing, production, etc. These courses are thought to be targeted to managers or people who have to deal with several fields in their business.

Conversation English Courses.

In every lesson we are going to talk about a different subject. These are practical lessons with no theory, although we do work with grammar and vocabulary through practice. These courses are targeted to people with a certain level of English who need to improve their speaking skills.

Theme English Courses.

Phone support, email writing or travel English are some ideas for these theme courses. If you need English for a specific purpose these short-term courses are right for you.

Get rady for the official Cambridge Certificates (KET, PET, FCE, CAE).

We are going to focus the lessons on passing the official exames, both through exercises and taking sample exams.

Learning to teach languages.

Courses for people who would like to teach a language (English, Spanish or Catalan) in non-regulated training. We are going to learn new ways of motivating students, class-planning, looking for resources, understanding new educational trends, looking for specific tools, etc.

How to study by myself.

The aim of this seminar is to give to the assistants the necessary information to learn languages on their own. We are going to learn the keys to avoid demotivation, the way to look for resources and choosing the best ones for self-studies, to structure the studies, etc.

Catalan Course for new citizens.

The lessons for the Catalan course are focused on teaching “survival Catalan” to those people with no or few knowledge of the language.

Catalan Course for official certificates

Up to C2 level.

Learning to write in Catalan Course.

For those who speak the language (or have a good knowledge) but it is hard for them to write because they could not learn it at school.

Literary Catalan Curse.

For those with literary curiosity, of any age. We are going to learn to create different kinds of literary texts, to write them properly and we are going to share our fears and doubts about the experience of writing.

For further information do not hestiate to contat me through the following form.