The importance of a perfect text.

The importance of proofreading is a key-factor when presenting a serious and trustworthy corporative image. Proofreading is not only about spelling review, as nowadays we have a lot of tools which can help us with that, but also about grammar review and checking if the text is adequate enough for its audience and context. Service only available in Catalan and Spanish. The presentation of a new catalogue or a new marketing campaign, business documents, your company's website or a personal or corporative blog are some of the examples of the texts that we should take care of. I also review literary texts and different kinds of books (novels, theater plays, textbooks, etc.).

Spelling and grammar review

The text must not have any kind of mistake: no typos, no spelling nor grammar mistakes.

Coherence and cohesion

Proofreading also means that the text must be understandable, with an adequate structure and a common thread, easy to read and showing what you really want to express.


It is important to think about the target audience when we talk about proofreading. Who is going to rea dit? Does the text have the right level of formality? Are you using the right language?


In the digital world nowadays it is important to think in the Search Engine Optimization: if you are on on the top of the searches, yo do no exist. I also offer the possibility to correct texts taking into account the SEO plan created by the company.

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