Translation of film titles into Spanish

Audiovisual translation, in general, is not an easy job. The translation of film titles is just another world. Don’t point at the translators, it is not our fault in this case, as the film titles are set by the producers or distributors.

traduccions dels títols de les pel·lícules
Images of the meeting to decide the title in Spanish for the last Hollywood comedy film.

Today I post a list of some of the translations of film titles into Spanish which I like the most. You will find the original title in bold, the official translation into Spanish below and its literal translation between brackets. Which titles did you know already? Some are just… mindblowing.


sonrisas y lágrimas1. Sound of music 

Sonrisas y lágrimas (Smiles and tears)

2. Some like it hot 

Con faldas y a lo loco (With a skirt and without thinking)

3. Groundhog day 

Atrapado en el tiempo (Trapped in time)

4. Airplane 

Aterriza como puedas (Land as you can)

5. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind 

¡Olvídate de mi! (Forget about me!)

6. Sleepless in Seattle 

Algo para recordar (Something to remember)

7. Child’s play 

El muñeco diabólico (The diabolical doll)

8. Die Hard 

La jungla de cristal (The glass jungle)

9. Weekend at Bernie’s 

Este muerto está muy vivo (This corpse is pretty alive)

10. Highlander 

Los inmortales (The immortals)

11. Rosemary’s baby

La semilla del diablo (The devil’s seed)

12. The Shawshank Redemption

Cadena Perpetua (Life sentence)

13. As good as it gets 

Mejor… Imposible (Better… impossible)

14. North by Northwest

Con la muerte en los talones (With death catching up with me)

15. The Pacifier

Un canguro superduro (A super tough babysitter)

16. Ice Princess 

Soñando, soñando… Triunfé patinando (Dreaming, dreaming… I succeeded in skating)

17. The parent trap

Tú a Londres y yo a California (You in London, me in California)

18. Beverly Hills Ninja

La salsicha peleona (The combative sausage)

19. The fast and the furious

A todo gas (Full out)

20. Fist of legend 

Jet Li es el mejor luchador (Jet Li is the best fighter)





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